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During the installation process, the Centurion Guard software creates a temporary storage area. The key lock prevents the floppy disk drive from being utilized during the boot up process. After the boot up process is complete, the floppy drive is initialized. Additionally, while the key lock is in the "enabled" position, the Centurion Guard software stores changes made to the system in the temporary storage area.

For example, when a user modifies a document on the hard drive, these changes to the hard drive are written to the storage area. From that point forward, if the user then tries to access that area, it is read from the storage area, not the original protected location. This entire process is transparent to the end user, allowing them to work without knowing the Centurion Guard is in action.

From time to time, permanent modifications will need to be made. Please consult your user manual for instructions to disable the protection so that modifications can be permanently made to your system.

Download a copy of the Centurion Guard harddrive protection kit Whitepaper in PDF format.

How It Works