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Drive Disabler is capable of controlling up to three devices concurrently. Those devices may be CD-ROMs, CD/RWs, DVDs, Hard Drives, LS-120s, ZIP Drives, Magnetic Optical Drives, etc . . . (In any combination - up to 3 devices.

Drive Disabler is supplied with a "single" drive power control cable, however "Y-splitter" power cables may be used to control multiple devices.

When power is turned on, the key positiion is "sensed" (either "enable" the drive "disable" the drive) and the appropriate action is taken. The drive is then LOCKED in that state until the computer power is turned off.

  • Control up to 3 drives concurrently
  • Available in PCI Card, 3 1/2 or 5 1/4" trays
  • Multiple Drive Disablers may be used in a single computer
  • No software required
  • Works with almost any computer system
  • No annual maintenance fees/Free technical support/Lifetime warranty on the hardware.
Drive Disabler:  

Compatible with most Computer Systems.

Open PCI Slot, 3 1/2 or 5 1/4" trays

Available drive power supply

Works with IDE drives

Drive Disabler with the Centurion Guard Hard Drive Protection Kit:
3 1/2 inch floppy drive

Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2K/XP

500 MB available HD Space