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The Centurion Guard write protects the hard drive. Users may download, delete files, change system settings, install, even fdisk. With a simple reboot, all changes disappear and the computer is back to its default configuration.

The Centurion Guard is enabled and disabled with lock and key. When enabled, any changes to the system are wiped clean when the system is rebooted bringing the computer back to its original configuration. Permanent modifications can be made to the system, but only when you want them.

The patent pending Drive Disabler will allow you to restrict access on up to 3 internal drives such as the CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and Jaz, Zip, another IDE hard drive or LS120 drives.

Combining the unique protection of the Drive Disabler with the quality hard drive protection of the Centurion Guard:

  • Reduces computer maintenance
  • Consistent configuration from day to day
  • Hardware based
    The use of a physical lock and key eliminates relying on a password
  • Unrestricted access to the system
  • Enhanced virus protection
    With a simple reboot most viruses that infect your systems are removed
  • Easy to install and administer
    No annual maintenance fees/Free technical support/Lifetime warranty on the hardware.
  • Network Controller
    With this remote administration, you can enable or disable one or all computers on your network.